About us

Cosmeticaolivo is a family company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture, packaging and marketing of cosmetics made with extra virgin olive oil.

Born in the year 2010 as a result of the confluence of several factors:

-The professional experience of its promoters.

-The increasing market demand for more natural products from less aggressive to the environment.

-A concern of consumers to care for their welfare and health, not only through but also from food hygiene and personal care.


As for the experience of the promoters, Antonia Sevilla by his training as a degree in environmental sciences is particularly sensitive to the natural products. She had worked for Carrefour as HACCP, which provided expertise in quality control. For several years he imparting vocational training courses, and workshops making soap were particularly important.

Ildefonso Díaz, had spent part of his time to the manufacture and sale of crafts made ​​from olive wood, combining this with his work as technical officer mill and irrigation systems in the olive grove.

Combining the two experiences and looking to create something new and that could exploit the resources of the area where we are. in the province of Jaen, olive land par excellence, olive oil must be the perfect partner for the manufacture of cosmetic products. Since our range of products are made with natural products well designed, using in all the extra virgin olive oil as a main component.

We have shampoos, gels, hand cream, face cream, body-milk, bath salts, rosemary alcohol, body oil and a large assortment of soaps. Besides a wide range of presentations (gift baskets, lots) for all products. This allows our customers have several options when purchasing our products.

Coupled our new facility, equipped with latest technology machinery in the field of cosmetics to our ancestral formulas allows us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.